Coloring/ Chemical Services


New Talent/ Stylist/ Advanced/ Designer/ Master
New growth                         45+/65+/70+/80+
All over color                       60+/85+/90+/95+/100+
Full foil                                    60+/90+/95+/100+/120+
Partial foil                              45+/70+/75+/80+/85+
Accent color                                                                  25+
Balayage/ Ombre              80+/100+/120+/135+/150+       Men’s Color                       25+/30+/35+/40+/45+

Extra color                                                               20/ bowl
**Price may vary due to texture, density, and length*

Texture and Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Smoothing Treatment         Starting at 100

Perms                                                             Starting at 80

*Prices may vary due to length and texture of hair*

* Chemical service does not include a haircut*

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