Monica Lynch

Monica Lynch- Esthetician and Spa Coach Monica has proudly been part of the Rumors team since May 2006. She received her Esthetics license in 2004, but has worked in skin care industry sine 1997. Along with being a Brow Specialists, her services include: Customized facials, Microdermabrasion, Lash/Brow Tinting, and Full Body Waxing. As an Aveda Spa Coach, she attends yearly classes to bring new services and information to share with her guests. She continually strives to accelerate your journey to a more radiant, healthy-looking skin through advanced skin care science and relaxation. She has been married to her husband Salvatore since October of 2000. They have 2 beautiful daughters, Fiona and Sofia. They are definitely a family that shares a love for music! During most hours of the day, someone will have an instrument in hand. Her personal favorite is the guitar. She is self-taught and has been playing since 2014.

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